Can Popcorn Seeds Make Dogs Sick?

Little Dog With Owner Spend A Day At The Park Playing And Having Fun

Little Dog With Owner Spend A Day At The Park Playing And Having Fun

This is an all too common question for pet owners who are looking to share various treats with their four-legged friends.

That’s why it is important for pet owners to educate themselves before they potentially make a major mistake.

It all starts by answering the seemingly obvious question as to whether dogs can consume popcorn at all.

As it turns out, the answer is yes but things are not nearly that simple. If a dog eats popcorn, the owner must remain in control of the situation and only allow the food to be consumed in moderation.

The popcorn must also be prepared in the proper manner so that the dog’s enjoyment can be maximized.

If the popcorn is plain and air-popped, the dog should be able to enjoy the treat with few issues. Once all of the additives that humans tend to be enamored with are brought into the equation, things get much worse.

If the popcorn has any toppings on it, this is usually a sign that it needs to be kept away from the dog. A couple of dropped pieces probably won’t hurt the animal but this does not mean that you should be increasing the risk factors.

Microwave popcorn is not a safe choice for the dog, either. This type of popcorn is rich in diacetyl, which can affect dogs in a variety of ways.

Since there are no conclusive studies on the matter, it is easy to see why owners avoid this potential problem entirely.

In case some owners are still worried about the occasional piece that is accidentally ingested, here’s a helpful tip from an experienced professional.

“Accidental ingestion of a few pieces of popcorn is often harmless unless your pet has a history of other diseases,” said Dr. Jennifer Herring, DVM and director of emergency and critical care services at the Veterinary Specialty Center in Chicago.

“Dogs should not be fed large quantities of popcorn or there could be harmful ill effects, mostly related to the gastrointestinal system.”

For the most part, popcorn is simply fun for the dog to eat. There are some nutritional benefits to be had, including an influx of iron, protein, and B vitamins.

A few pieces aren’t going to be bad for a dog and it also contains minerals that can be very helpful to canine nutrition. As with anything else that is fed to our pets, preparation is key.

How Does Popcorn Need to be Made to Be Safe for Dogs?

When the popcorn is air-popped, pet owners are able to feed a few pieces to their dog without having to feel any sort of stress and anxiety about the matter.

It’s not the popcorn itself that causes issues for the dog, it is all of the added extras that we humans tend to enjoy.

Butter, oil, salt, or other ingredients should not be added to the popcorn that is being fed to a dog under any circumstances.

Plain popcorn that has been air-popped is the only way to go in these instances. Be sure to provide the dog with enough time to finish each piece, though.

Feeding the animal too many pieces of popcorn at once could create a potential choking hazard. Kernels of popcorn should never be fed to the dog, as this can cause issues with their teeth and also create choking hazards.

Dogs cannot and should not be exposed to salt because of the dehydration it can cause.

Too much popcorn is also not good for a dog because they will shy away from their typical eating schedule and become too obsessive about snacking, in addition to the issues that can be caused from a weight gain standpoint.

These treats should represent less than 10% of the animal’s caloric intake.

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