Is Popcorn Keto? Everything You Need to Know

Is Popcorn Keto Everything You Need To Know

What is a Ketogenic Diet, otherwise known as a Keto Diet? America has been fighting the obesity epidemic for the last several years. As a result there are currently over 200 fad diets in the marketplace, and you may have tried some of them. Some diets are common sense diets like the Keto diet, and […]

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Where do Popcorn Kernels Come From?

Where Do Popcorn Kernels Come From

Making popcorn from “scratch” is easy. Just dry out some corn and pop it in some oil on a stove. Wait. That actually doesn’t work because it is the wrong kind of corn. While there are many types of popcorn, they generally fall into four categories: Sweet corn — the kind we eat as is […]

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5 Ways to Pop Popcorn in 2021

5 Ways To Pop Popcorn In 2021

If you are craving popcorn, what do you do? Do you grab a prepackaged bag of microwave popcorn out of the cupboard, dig out the air popper from the cupboard, or run to the store and get a bag of something already popped? In turns out there are a lot of options these days. Some […]

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Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? Asked & Answered

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn

There is a saying that dogs are man’s best friend. Therefore, people like to share just about everything with their dogs. They go on walks with their dog, they share their beds for their dog, and they even give their dogs people food from time to time. On the other hand, dogs have a digestive […]

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Is Popcorn Gluten-Free

Is Popcorn Gluten Free

There are a lot of people who are looking for ways to remove gluten from the diet. Some people have celiac disease, which is a specific medical condition that renders them intolerant to gluten. There are some people who have a wheat allergy, gluten intolerance, or other conditions that make it unhealthy for them to […]

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