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Which Popcorn Kernels are the Healthiest?

As an unprocessed whole grain, popcorn is rich in indigestible fiber, which helps with digestion. Popcorn is a sacred food that holds a special place in people’s hearts. It is pretty good for a snack thanks to its very low fat and calories content. Moreover, popcorn can transform any occasion into a celebration. Then, there’s […]

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Is Mushroom Popcorn Genetically Modified?

The simple answer is no. There is no truth about mushroom popcorn containing any genetically modified components. Genetically modified foods are those that are engineered to produce specific desired traits. According to the Institute for Responsible Technology(IRT), mushroom popcorn does not cross-pollinate with GMO varieties. Furthermore, there is no popcorn produced that has ever been genetically modified […]

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