Is Mushroom Popcorn Genetically Modified?

The simple answer is no. There is no truth about mushroom popcorn containing any genetically modified components. Genetically modified foods are those that are engineered to produce specific desired traits. According to the Institute for Responsible Technology(IRT), mushroom popcorn does not cross-pollinate with GMO varieties. Furthermore, there is no popcorn produced that has ever been genetically modified in the laboratory, even though 90 percent of the other types of corn have undergone modification over the years. Although there is no genetically modified popcorn on the market, the oils and other additives have undergone a genetic transformation.

Varieties Of Popcorn

GMO Popcorn Does Not Exist

Corn used to be 3 to 4 feet tall, with six or more small ears per stalk. Corn was first grown in rows for human consumption and animal fodder. The width of these rows was typically about 40 inches, allowing horses to walk along with them.

To get higher yields, the farmer did not genetically modify any seed. Instead, they kept the seeds from the larger ears of corn for the following year’s planting. As a result, the grain from larger ears had a higher percentage of excellent kernels.

Now that you know mushroom GMO popcorn does not exist let’s learn what makes this variety of popcorn superior and desirable by many.

Why Do People Prefer Mushroom Popcorn?

If you’re wondering what mushroom popcorn is, it’s one among the many varieties of popcorn that exist today. It is different from butterfly popcorn mainly due to the round shape of the kernels.

People purchase mushroom popcorn kernels in large quantities for a variety of reasons. Crushing mushroom popcorn, for example, is very difficult.

Have you ever opened a bag of popcorn only to discover crushed bits at the bottom? This may be very aggravating. Fortunately, when it comes to mushroom popcorn, this is not an issue.

Another reason people like adding candy to mushroom popcorn is that it can withstand normal wear and tear. Rather than the shape collapsing in on itself, resulting in an unsatisfactory snack, mushroom popcorn rises to the occasion. Even when coated with a relatively thick covering, it maintains its shape.

Making Mushroom Popcorn

If you prefer to pile a lot of toppings on your popcorn, mushroom popcorn is definitely the best option. Mushroom popcorn is ideal for people who like adding extras such as chocolate, caramel, and melted cheese. Because mushroom kernels are spherical, they have a considerably greater surface area, making it simpler for people to coat them.

In addition, the uniform shape makes it simpler for the toppings to adhere to the popcorn. In contrast, if individuals add toppings to butterfly popcorn, the toppings may not be evenly distributed. Furthermore, the desired toping may not adhere to the kernels. That is why mushroom popcorn is often used in candy and cheese popcorn.

While some soup recipes call for sprinkling popcorn on top as a garnish or substituting cracker, America’s Dairyland followed suit with a state specialty of beer, cheese, and popcorn soup. Contact Shumway Farms for all of your mushroom popcorn kernel needs.

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