How to Dye Popcorn Kernels?

Whether parents are looking for new activities for their children or a simple way to dress up their own popcorn kernels, knowing how to dye is of the utmost importance. Now that the weather is starting to turn, parents who are looking for great indoor activities would do well to consult the following guide.

Bulk sellers are the best choice in these instances, as they allow parents to work with companies that truly know the popcorn business. Once the popcorn has been obtained, the following tips and pointers are here to ensure the most possible fun.

Dye Popcorn

What’s Needed To Get Started?

Plain kernels that have not been popped yet are the best place to start. From there, grab some food coloring and vinegar as well. Some small glass bowls, a strainer, and paper towels or newspapers are also needed. It also helps to determine how many kernels will be colored and for what purpose. This helps when it comes time to determine how much of these items are needed.

6 Simple Steps

Once all of the necessary items have been obtained, the process is fairly simple. There are only six steps that need to be followed:

  1. Divide the popcorn kernels and place them in the small bowls. For projects like these, it is important to choose glass bowls instead of plastic. A plastic bowl may seem like a good idea at the moment but these bowls are more likely to stain, so they should be avoided. Plastic containers are absorbent to a fault.
  2. It’s time to grab the vinegar and add it to each bowl. Don’t add too much, though. The popcorn kernels should be slightly covered, not smothered.
  3. This is where the food coloring comes into play. Several drops of food coloring will be added. Those who desire a richer color are more than welcome to add some extra dye. Since most dye kits only contain blue, green, red, and yellow, those who want different colors will need to mix it up a bit.

For example, red and yellow can be mixed to mix orange. Blue and red can be mixed to make purple. The only limit here is our own creativity. If the kit does not have any green dye, take blue and yellow and mix them. This is also a great opportunity to teach children about primary and secondary colors.

  1. Take an hour to let the popcorn kernels soak in the vinegar and food coloring.
  2. Grab the strainer and take a moment to carefully drain the liquid from each of the bowls. This step may require gloves so that the dye does not have a chance to stain anyone’s hands. Be sure to rinse the strainer off after each usage. This keeps the previous color from having a chance to remain, which allows each individual color to remain as vibrant as possible.
  3. A plate or cookie sheet is needed for this step. Place a paper towel on the chosen plate or cookie sheet, as this will provide a helpful surface area where the dyed popcorn kernels can be spread out. If at all possible, keep the different colors from having a chance to touch. As soon as the kernels are dry, make sure that they remain separated. They can also be mixed together for crafting purposes.

Whether parents are looking for a fall or winter activity for their little ones or simply something to do in their own time, dyeing kernels is a great way to pass the moments. This activity is perfect for those who are looking for inexpensive holiday decorations, as the colored kernels can be added to a container that comes with a small white candle. These kernels can also be used for counting exercises with children.

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